Special Events at St. Margaret’s

Facebook: We have currently changed the way the
church uses facebook. We have a church facebook
page which is the way we show the outside world our
public events. We also have a secret facebook group
for our internal use to communicate with member.
Please consider joining this group. To find it go to

Shared Lunch: Due to the fact that Shared Lunch
on the second Sunday of the month usually
coincides with most of the major holidays
throughout the year, Vestry has decided to change
the Shared Lunch Sunday to the third Sunday of the
month beginning this month. So our Shared Lunch
will be held September15th following the 10:30
service, not next Sunday.

Sunday School Assistant: If you are available to
assist in the Sunday School room, please put your
name on the assistant sheet inside the Sunday
School room. There are dates available until
December. Thank you

ACW Meeting: The next ACW Meeting will be
held following the 10:30 service in the conference
room. The Executive Election will be held during
this meeting. St. Margaret’s will be leading the
Fredericton Deanery after the Deanery Annual
Meeting in October. This means that our President
will be responsible to communicate with the other
ACW Branches in the Deanery and also reporting
to the Diocesan ACW President & St. Margaret’s
will be hosting the Deanery Annual Meeting in the
Fall of 2020. Please keep this in mind when you
nominate members for the Executive before the

Cathedral Outreach: St. Margaret’s will be
participating this month on Monday, September 30th. Your
donations of fruit, muffins, sandwiches, drink boxes
& yogurt should be to the church, September 29th. Thank

Adult Community Choir: Do you like to sing? If
so, please join us on Thursday morning, September
12, 9:30am at St. Margaret’s Anglican Church, 775
Forest Hill Rd. for the first practice and information
session for an Adult Community Choir, under the
direction of Verna Hayward. All women and men
who enjoy singing are welcome!

Food Bank Basket: Please don’t forget our
Families in need during the summer months. Wendy
Chase will deliver the food to the food bank that is
donated to our basket each week. Thank you for
your generosity.

Please click on the link below to view the Playgroup Poster.

Announcements for

8:30 AM: Holy Eucharist: 1962 Rite
10:30 AM: Holy Eucharist: 1985 Rite

9:00 AM – Coffee Club: cards, crafts and conversation – all welcome.
11:45 AM – Tuesday Afternoon Bible Study Group

Sunday Services: The 8:30 and 10:30 AM services.

Please Remember our Food Basket

St. Margaret’s is a Scent Free Environment

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