Sunday School

Welcome to St. Margaret’s Children’s Ministry Family!

At St. Margaret’s, Christian education is very important to us. We feel children should be part of the service as much as possible, but also recognize the need for children to know and understand Who they are praying to!

Each class is approximately 30-40 minutes long. Children will sit with their parents/guardians before going into class, and return to sit with their parents/guardians after class. Adults are always welcome to attend class with their children.



Resource Coordinator Teacher
Cathy Lutes


At St. Margaret’s, we feel the children should be part of the service as much as possible, but we also recognize the need for education that they will understand and learn in their own way. Children will sit with their parents/guardians before going into class. After the children’s story, the children will be escorted as a group to the classroom with the children’s ministry teacher and resource coordinator. When class is over, the children will leave as a group, escorted by the resource coordinator, and return to sit with their parents/guardians.

    1.  The Lord’s Prayer Learn a prayer and how to pray. 5 min.
    2.  Read Bible Verse Familiarity with the Bible and how to use it. 5 min.
    3.  Sunday School Lesson What can we learn from today’s verse? 10 min.
    4.  Craft/Activity Reinforce the learning and have fun! 10 min.
    5.  Clean Up Everyone chip in and leave the room the way we found it. 5 min.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What time does Children’s Ministry start and end? Children’s Ministry occurs during the service, after the children’s story, and before communion. The times vary according to the length of the service.
  2. What ages is the Children’s Ministry for? Our target ages are 5 to 10 years old. However, children under 5 are welcome if accompanied by an adult. Older children are welcome if they participate in the class or help the younger children.
  3. Does my child need any supplies or books when attending class? No, all necessary supplies will be given to your child during class.
  4. Are the children divided into groups? No, the children are in one group and taught together in one room
  5. Is the classroom child-proof? No, the classroom is not child-proof.
  6. Is Children’s Ministry mandatory? No, Children’s Ministry is completely optional. The children are free to sit in the pews with their family or leave at any time. One of our staff will make sure the child returns to the pew with their family.
  7. Is there a Children’s Ministry class for teenagers? At this time, we do not have enough staff to lead a study group for the older children, but it is something we wish to pursue in the future.
  8. My child has allergies. Do you provide a nut-free enviroment? Sorry, we do not provide a nut-free environment at this time. The classroom is also used as a meeting room and nuts and/or nut products could be present.
  9. Does your Children’s Ministry collect an offering during class? No, we do not take any offerings during class. Any donations towards Children’s Ministry supplies would be greatly appreciated!

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